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Thank you so much for the recent treatment you gave me on my ankle. I had been suffering with a very painful Achilles heel for three or four months and it seemed to be getting worse rather than better, over that period of time. After your treatment, virtually straight away, the pain went and after a few days it disappeared altogether. I am very impressed with your healing powers.


I was suffering from migraines, asthma and remnants from a bad cold and cough that lasted well over 5 weeks. Susie offered me healing which I readily accepted and I began to feel extremely relaxed and calm afterwards. My mind stopped racing and as a result the pain from my chest due to the asthma has gone and I am feeling much better with no migraine at all. I am feeling so much calmer now.

Lisa Taylor
Maida Vale

I have known Susie for many years, but did not know her talents. I took her and her friend to lunch and mentioned my right wrist which gave me much pain, I was told by my doctor it was Gout, which I took pills for with little success. At lunch Susie treated my right wrist and I was delighted to find I could now use my right hand without the pain I previously had. I can also use the hand for work and to sign cheques which was difficult before her treatment. I had no idea she was so talented and an expert at healing.

Michael Collins

I had not been sleeping very well for almost a year, which made me feel really anxious and lethargic at times. I had some healing from lovely Susie and afterwards I had one of the best night’s sleep ever and continued to sleep well every since. I feel much more energized and at the same time relaxed due to the healing. I also feel much calmer since the healing.

Gemma Harrington
Mill Hill

I had a severe neck problem, with pains at the base of my neck, spreading halfway up the back of my head. I asked Susie to give me some healing, which she did. The healing session lasted for about half an hour. I felt very relaxed throughout the healing and felt warmth going through my body which eased my pain considerably. I would highly recommend Susie’s healing skills to anyone.

Rita Ross

Susie,I wanted to thank you for the healing you have given me. I have to say that it helps me greatly to relax, clears my head of negative thoughts, makes my legs and back less painful and gives me a feeling of well being. Furthermore, it helps me to sleep well.

On the subject of healing I must tell you that Elvis my poodle really seems to look forward to you coming and giving him healing. He is straight on the bed and nuzzling you as if to say “It’s my turn”. When you have finished he lies flat on his tummy front legs out stretched waiting for more. When he does get up, his eyes are sparkling and he is much calmer and waiting for more. So thank you so much Susie from both myself and my ‘pooch’ Elvis and we both look forward to seeing you again soon.

Sandra and Elvis dog
St Johns Wood

After having healing sessions with Susie over the last 3-4 months, I have most certainly felt the benefit of these treatments particularly on the following day. Also it relaxes me and I gives me a great feeling of inner peace. I feel a tingling and a feeling of great warmth and relief in the area that is causing problems. I can thoroughly recommend this wonderful form of treatment.

Madelaine Harrington
Mill Hill

I have had a very nice healing session with Susie. During the session while she was giving me energy, she also discovered my energy blockages and removed them. I felt renewed and completely stress-free after the session with her. Susie also created a beautiful atmosphere and made me feel very comfortable during the whole time. It was a great experience.

Hannah Emese Balogh
Dollis Hill

I had received a fantastic healing session. It was very powerful and I felt it through all my body-parts. I was more energized afterwards, relaxed and for me the best thing was about the healing that it helped me to get rid of the negativity that built up in my aura and in my mind from negative, unfortunate experiences over the years. Therefore it really did a great favour for me. I would highly recommend it.

Barbara Balogh

I was given healing by Susie today. She was very reassuring and confident while speaking to me. I felt completely safe and at ease during the healing. I experienced a very peaceful state of mind, with Susie. I was able sit and absorb the healing energies. I felt very rested and calm at the end of our time together.

Ian Tedder

Susie, has a lovely kind way about her and truly wants to help her clients. I can highly recommend her for her warm, friendly manner and making you feel relaxed and I feel so much better for her healing on my neck and shoulders which were full of stress and tension, and look forward to her next visit.

Cherie Hedge


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